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Quilt-Related Terms on Quilt Index for Translators

quilt(s): (noun) patched fabric constructed in two- to three-layers with or without binding, typically a bedcovering extends to art, quilted clothing, wall hangings and other decorative and functional objects made by this technique

quilt (verb): 1) (general) to make a quilt, or 2) specifically to stitch or tie the three layers together.

quilted: (adj) - created using a quilting process, typically the process of stitching or binding three layers together

quiltmaker(s): (noun) - artist or craftsperson responsible for the overall quilt

quilter(s): (noun) - 1) artist(s) or craftsperson(s) responsible for making the quilt (quiltmaker) or 2) the person(s) doing the stitching together of the three layers, which may be separated from the person(s) who designed or pieced together the front layer.

piecing: (verb) process of stitching together small pieces into a larger whole that forms one layer of the quilt (usually the "top" or decorative layer). Same as patchwork.

piecing: (noun) the parts put together to form the top layer


patchwork: (noun) same as piecing

patchwork: (adjective) describing a textile creating by stitching together small pieces into a whole fabric layer


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