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Records housed: Quilt project records housed: University of Louisville Archives and Record Center, Louisville, Kentucky.

Documentation dates: 1980-1982

Parameters: 19th century Kentucky quilts with provenance

Total quilts: 1000

Total documentation days: 12

Publication information:

  • Expanding Quilt Scholarship, The lectures, conferences, and other presentations of Louisville Celebrates the American Quilt.  A Kentucky Quilt Project Inc publication 1994, Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Holstein, Jonathan, Finley, John. Kentucky Quilts 1800-1900. The Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc., 1982.
  • Zegart, Shelly. “Affairs of State, Documenting the Past for the Future,” Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Golden, Colorado, November 2004/No.367 pp60-63.
  • Zegart, Shelly. “Since Kentucky: Surveying State Quilts 1981-1991,” Expanding Quilt Sholarship.
  • Zegart, Shelly. “The Quilt Projects: Fifteen Years Later,” Folk Art. American FolkArt Museum, New York, N.Y. Spring 1996, pp 28-37.
  • Zegart, Shelly and Holstein, Jonathan, eds. The Quilt Journal: An International Review. The Kentucky Quilt Project Inc, six issues, 1992-95, Louisville, Kentucky. All issues of The Quilt Journal can be found on the Quilt Index,

Database: All the Kentucky Quilt Project records are in the Quilt Index,

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