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Suggestions for Using this Wiki

Clicking on the name of a museum takes you to the page about that museum's quilt collections.

If the name of the museum appears in purple, this means that someone has created a page for that institution. Follow the link, and feel free to edit and add to the page. If the name of the museum appears in red, a page for the museum has not yet been created. Please help the Quilt Index by clicking the red link and adding information (the new page will be created automatically when you click the 'save' button.)

To add information about a collection, please click on the NAME of the museum/archive/library you wish to edit, NOT the edit link on the righthand side of the page. The following kinds of information are especially useful for the Wiki's museum quilt collections pages:

  • Information about named quilt and textile collections owned by an institution
  • Highlights from an institution's quilt collection
  • The particular stregnths of an institution's quilt collection (geographic, stylistic, etc)
  • Areas in which the institution is actively seeking to expand its quilt collection (specific artists, traditions, regions)
  • Names, dates, and short descriptions of quilt exhibitions and symposia hosted by an institution
  • Descriptions of papers and/or ephemera relating to quilts owned by an institution
  • Information about quilt guilds, clubs or groups sponsored by an institution
  • Related publications
  • Links to any quilt-related projects the institution has done online
  • Information about uses of the quilt collection for educational outreach

ONLY click the edit link on the righthand side of the page if you adding a website url or a location for your institution. Please remember to type an asterisk before the url/location.

American Folk Art Museum

American Textile History Museum

Colonial Williamsburg

Columbus Museum of Art

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Daughters of the American Revolution Museum

Deerfield Museum

Illinois State Museum

International Quilt Study Center and Museum

LaConner Quilt Museum

Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum

Latimer Quilt and Textile Center

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Michigan State University Museum

Mountain Heritage Center

Museum of the American Quilter's Society

Museum of Craft and Folk Art

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Museum of International Folk Art

Museum of Our National Heritage

New England Quilt Museum

Old Sturbridge Village

The People's Place Quilt Museum

Quilter's Hall of Fame

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

  • Quilt Index contributing institution
  • Permanent and education collections
  • The Rocky Mountain Quilt Study Group meets on the third Friday of each month, 10:30am-12:30pm at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

Shelburne Museum

Smithsonian Institution

  • See the proceedings and bibliography for the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History conference, "What's American About American Quilts?" Washington, DC, March 18 & 19, 1995.

Spencer Museum of Art

Virginia Quilt Museum

Wadsworth Atheneum

Winedale Quilt Collection

Winterthur Museum

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