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Quilt Barn Trails began in Southeast Ohio and spread throughout Appalachia in the twentieth century to promote tourism and to celebrate community heritage. The "quilts" are flat blocks of wood painted to look like quilts and affixed prominently to the side of a barn. Quilt Barn Trails are now popping up throughout the United States thanks to the efforts of community groups, scholars, and local and regional government and agencies. The Quilt Barn Trails, when linked with other local and regional quilt resources (museum collections, galleries, studios, and fabric and equipment sources), are fostering greater awareness of the continued interest in quiltmaking and quilt history studies.



"Follow the quilt barn trails: Quilt barn paintings make public art accessible to rural communities – and tourists." Christian Science Monitor, 2008.

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The Colorado Quilt Council is beginning a barn quilt trail in Colorado. Their mission is to create and document the Quilt Trails of Colorado project, and provide self-guided walking tours of each trail.


Southern Quilt Trail


Quilt Gardens


The Barn Quilts of Sac County, Iowa


Boone Barn Quilts

Estill County Quilt Trail

Hickman County Quilt Trail

Kentucky Quilt Trail

Kentucky Arts Council - Kentucky Quilt Trails

Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Trail


Alcona County Quilt Trail


Clare County


Grand Traverse County


Houghton and Keweenaw Counties


Kalamazoo County


Osceola County


Oscoda County



Oktibbeha County Barn Trail



The Boonslick Area Quilt Trail


New York

Country Barn Quilt Trail of Western New York


North Carolina

Quilt Trails of Western North Carolina

List of quilt blocks in Mitchell and Yancey counties:

See also:

Ashe County

Avery County

Macon County Quilt Trail

Madison County

McDowell Quilt Trail, McDowell County

Wautauga County

Yadkin Valley Quilt Trail


Adams County

Athens County

“Barn Clothesline” of Quilt Squares

Monroe County, Ohio Quilt Barns

South Carolina

Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail


The Tennessee Quilt Trail Barns were made possible in part by the Appalachian Resource Conservation and Development Council.

Carter County

Greene County

Johnson County

Sullivan County

Unicoi County

Washington County

Learn more about the Tennessee Quilt Trail at http://www.appalachianrcd.org/quilttrail/.


See also:

Celtic Quilt Trail
Houston County, TN
Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail


Terry County Quilt Trail


Wisconsin Barn Quilt Trails

Where You Can Buy Quilt Barn Panels

Barn Quilting: Sharing the Art of Community

Sara's Barn Quilt Creations For Sale

Safety and Courtesy

On any quilt trail, please use caution when slowing down or stopping near a site. Stopping on busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. All Quilt Barn sites are located on private property. They should be viewed only from the road unless otherwise indicated at the site location or if that site is a business open to the public.

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