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Quilts & Curriculum

Quilts & Curriculum is a special section with lesson plans, games and more for educators. Now with Games and Fun Stuff!

Resources for Quilt Historians

Here you'll find resources for quilt historians, such as Fabric Dating References, bibliographic resources, and information on the 1933 Sears Quilt Contest List of Winners and genealogy.

Caring for Your Vintage or Antique Quilt

Information on Quilt Care and Quilt Appraisers.

H-Net Member Portal

From analyses of material culture in literature, to studies by art historians of the development and dissemination of particular patterns or techniques, to explorations by women's, ethnic, labor, and social historians, the Quilt Index is used by a wide range of humanities scholars and teachers.

On the H-Net Member Portal page you will find relevant quilts in the Quilt Index database for just about every H-Net list! You can also find various listserves on topics such as historical quilts, art quilts and quiltmaking on the Email Discussion Lists page.

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