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Welcome to the QI Quilts & Curriculum page!

Using Quilts & the Quilt Index in Teaching: Educational Rationale

Educational Rationale

Please consider reading our Educational Rationale, a letter to educators on the value of using the Quilt Index in the classroom.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

This page includes quilt-related lesson plans from the Illinois State Museum, lesson plans from the Library of Congress' American Memory project, and lesson plans created especially for the Quilt Index by art education interns in a graduate course at Michigan State University.

For K-12 Teachers

Quilt Index Lesson Plan Template

A template for creating lesson plans using quilts found on the Index.

K-12 Content Standards

On the K-12 Content Standards page, you can find both national (U.S.) and state-specific content benchmarks in the visual arts and social studies. If your state's K-12 benchmarks do not appear on the page, please help us by adding them!

Textile Resources for Teachers from the Victoria & Albert Museum

Quilts and Literature

Quilt-related fiction for use in high school or college lit. classes.

Quilts and Mathematics

For Social Studies Teachers

See: Bennett, Linda. "Elementary Students Quilting through Social Studies." The Journal of Aesthetic Education, Volume 42, Number 1, Spring 2008, pp. 90-99.

Glossary of Quilt-Related Terms

From PBS. http://www.pbs.org/americaquilts/resources/glossaryA_E.html


See http://www.booksandoldlace.com/quilting/StateQuiltHistoryBibliography.htm for a rather comprehensive bibliography of works in quilt history.

QI Learning Games

Games and Fun Stuff

Educational games that help you and your students learn with the Quilt Index. Includes the popular Quilt Index Scavenger Hunt and Michigan Quilt Scavenger Hunt.

For Doctoral Students in Quilt Studies

Recent Dissertations in Quilt History

Dissertations on topics in quilt history submitted in the past ten years.

Comprehensive Exam Reading List in Quilt Studies

This was my comprehensive exam reading list in the field of quilt studies for the PhD in American Studies at Michigan State University in 2009. --Amanda.sikarskie 15:58, 9 August 2010 (UTC)

For University Faculty

Quilt History University Courses

Courses dealing with quilt history that have recently been taught at colleges and universities.

Quilt Syllabi

Coming soon!

Quilts and Literature

Quilt-related fiction for use in high school or college lit. classes.

Early Date-Inscribed Patchwork Quilts Attributed to America 1800-1810

A resource by Barbara Brackman and other quilt historians. http://www.barbarabrackman.com/Brackman%201800-1810.pdf

Educator Feedback

Educator Feedback and Anecdotes

Give us your feedback or stories about using quilts and the Quilt Index in the classroom on our Teaching Uses page.

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