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National Quilt Registry - 1970s

Alabama Quilt Search Project

Alaska Quilt Survey

Arizona Quilt Project

Arkansas--Arkansas Quilter's Guild

Arkansas Regional Survey--Rogers Historical Museum

California Heritage Quilt Project

Colorado Historical Documentation c/o The Colorado Quilting Council

Connecticut Quilt Search Project

Delaware Folklife Project

Delware Quilt Documentation Project

Florida Quilt Heritage Project

Florida: Sunshine State Quilters Association

Georgia Quilt Project

Hawaiian Quilt Research Project


Illinois Quilt Research Project

Indiana Quilt Registry Project

Iowa Quilt Research Project

Kansas Quilt Project

Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society Quilt Registry

Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc.

Louisiana Regional Folklife Program

Maine Quilt Heritage


MASS Quilts: The Massachusetts Quilt Documentation Project

Michigan Quilt Project

Minnesota Quilt Project

Mississippi Heritage Quilt Search Project

Missouri Heritage Quilt Project

Missouri: Cass County Quilt Project

Missouri: Quilts of Missouri

Montana Historic Quilt Project

Nebraska Quilt Project (Lincoln Quilter's Guild)

Nevada State Heritage Quilt Project

New Hampshire Quilt Documentation Project

New Jersey Quilt Project or Heritage Quilt Project of New Jersey

New Mexico Heritage Quilt Search

New Mexico Quilt Documentation Project

New Mexico Survey of Hispanic Quiltmaking

New York State Quilt Project

North Carolina: Quiltmaking Traditions in Selected Areas of North Carolina

North Carolina Quilt Project

North Dakota Quilt Research Project

Ohio Quilt Research Project

Oklahoma Quilt Research Project

Oklahoma Folklife Center Family Quilts Survey



Rhode Island Quilt Documentation Project

South Carolina Quilt Project

South Dakota Quilt Documentation Project

Quilts of Tennessee

Texas Quilt Search Project, Texas Heritage Quilt Society

Utah Quilt Heritage Corporation

Vermont Quilt Search

Virginia Quilt Research Project

Virginia (Northern)

Quilt Heritage Washington State

Made in DC Quilt Search

West Virginia Heritage Quilt Search, Inc.

Wisconsin Quilt History Project

Wyoming Contemporary Quilt Registration

Wyoming Quilt Project

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