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National Quilt Registry

Contact: Michigan State University Museum Great Lakes Quilt Center

Documentation Dates:

Parameters: national quilt search conducted through the mail

Total Quilts: 66

Total Documentation Days (Number of documentation days held): The National Quilt Registry did not involve any documentation dates or events. Judy Martin started this project in the mid-1970s when she lived in Oregon. She mailed registration forms for quiltmakers to fill out to document their quilts, and they mailed back the completed forms. It was funded strictly by the small registration fee ($1 for one quilt or $25 for all of your quilts). It was promoted with classified ads in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. Publication information (if any):

Database: Is the documentation project a part of the Quilt Index or are records digitized in some database? Please describe. This project predated widespread use of the internet or home computers, so there are currently only paper records. All of the forms are currently housed at the Michigan State University Museum's Great Lakes Quilt Center.


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