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National Museum of Australia

National Wool Museum


Austrian Museum of Applied Arts

Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art

Vienna Army History Museum


Bangladesh National Museum


See Canadian Quilt Collections for a list of museums and historical societies with quilt collections in Canada.


Yunnan Nationalities Museum


Craft Museum of Finland



La Piscine, Musée d'Art et d'Industrie de Roubaix

Musée de Haute Alsace - the Textile Museum of Parc Wesserling

Musée d'Impression sur Etoffes (Museum of Printed Textiles)

Musée des Tissus et des Arts décoratifs de Lyon

Souleiado Musée du Tissus Provençal, du boutis & des indiennes de Nîmes


Deutsches Historisches Museum

German National Museum

German Textil Museum

  • Located in Krefeld


Kulturhistoriches Museum

Palatinate Museum

  • Formerly the Textile Museum Max Berk
  • Located in Heidelberg

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin


Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing


Cavan County Museum

The Chester Beatty Library

Decorative Arts and History Museum

Monaghan County Museum

Museum of Country Life, County Mayo

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum


Fondazione Antonio Ratti: Textile Studio Museum

Museo del Tessuto


Izumo Quilt Museum


Dutch Textile Museum

European Art Quilt Foundation

Fries Museum

New Zealand

Canterbury Museum


National Museum in Wroclaw


Museum of the Romanian Peasant


Museu Tèxtil i d’Indumentària

South Africa

See QI South Africa, our extended portal for South African quilt collections and documentation efforts.

South Korea

Chojun Textile and Quilt Art Museum

Museum of Korean Embroidery


Museum of National Antiquities

Röhsska Museum


The Abegg Foundation Museum

Lotschentaler Museum

National Museum

United Kingdom Quilt Collections

The United Kingdom Quilt Collections section of this Wiki has so many museums listed, that we have given the UK its own page. On the United Kingdom Quilt Collections page, you'll find entries grouped by England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. For documentation projects (not museum collections) from the UK, please see instead our United Kingdom page.

Exhibition: Inlaid Patchwork in Europe

Many of the collections listed here are listed in the book Tuchintarsien in Europa von 1500 bis heute / Inlaid Patchwork in Europe from 1500 to the Present by Dagmar Neuland-Kitzerow, Salwa Joram, and Erika Karasek (2009).

This exhibition of inlaid textiles features significant examples from 1500 to the present. Horsemen, blossoms, animals, religious stories and spray painted stencil images unfold as a baroque pictorial cosmos on tapestries and covers.

All these objects are made in a textile intarsia (inlaid patchwork) technique, ornamented and refined by additional textile techniques. The works are pictorial, straddling the boundary between art and craft. The exhibition is organised by the Museum Europäischer Kulturen, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. It was on display at Leeds Museum and Art Gallery in fall 2010.


Suggestions for Using this Wiki

Clicking on the name of a museum takes you to the page about that museum's quilt collections.

If the name of the museum appears in purple, this means that someone has created a page for that institution. Follow the link, and feel free to edit and add to the page. If the name of the museum appears in red, a page for the museum has not yet been created. Please help the Quilt Index by clicking the red link and adding information (the new page will be created automatically when you click the 'save' button.)

  • PLEASE do not alter the names of any titles appearing in purple without consulting the Quilt Index staff--doing this breaks links and makes it impossible to navigate to the page!!!

To add information about a collection, please click on the NAME of the museum/archive/library you wish to edit, NOT the edit link on the righthand side of the page. The following kinds of information are especially useful for the Wiki's museum quilt collections pages:

  • Information about named quilt and textile collections owned by an institution
  • Highlights from an institution's quilt collection
  • The particular stregnths of an institution's quilt collection (geographic, stylistic, etc)
  • Areas in which the institution is actively seeking to expand its quilt collection (specific artists, traditions, regions)
  • Names, dates, and short descriptions of quilt exhibitions and symposia hosted by an institution
  • Descriptions of papers and/or ephemera relating to quilts owned by an institution
  • Information about quilt guilds, clubs or groups sponsored by an institution
  • Related publications
  • Links to any quilt-related projects the institution has done online
  • Information about uses of the quilt collection for educational outreach

ONLY click the edit link on the righthand side of the page if you adding a website url or a location for your institution. Please remember to type an asterisk before the url/location.

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